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The HOLLYWOOD IS DEAD Coffee Table Art Book Kickstarter!!! [Nov. 3rd, 2013|07:15 am]
Matt Busch
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Hey! Not sure how many of my ol' LiveJournal Friends are on here, but I wanted to give a shout-out about my new Kickstarter campaign for the HOLLYWOOD IS DEAD Coffee Table Art Book!

It collects all of the Zombified parodies of the classic Movie Posters you grew up with! The project has been the last 5 years of my life- now collected into a giant book! If nothing else, check out the video!

Or go directly to the Kickstarter page here:

Thanks for you support! Hope everyone is doing well!

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HOLLYWOOD IS DEAD [Aug. 3rd, 2010|03:58 pm]
Matt Busch
Things have been relatively quiet around Planetmatt lately, but of course all this means that I've been hard at work on my 'next big thing.' But that time has come, and I'm proud to announce my new baby!


With this collection of re-imagined parody movie posters, I've faithfully hand-painted every detail with traditional mixed media, before slaughtering them with a zombified treatment. Make no mistake, I'm having way too much fun with this. Check out the official web site:

This has been one of the most fulfilling projects I’ve ever worked on. I grew up on great movies, but the movie posters themselves are almost more vivid in my memory as iconic images. So the opportunity to really study the original master artists like Drew Struzan, John Alvin, Bob Peak, Richard Amsel and others has been awesome.
It’s an ironic twist, to take these beautiful master-works and attempt to recreate every detail, while at the same time, shredding them to bloody pulps. Literally. Nothing here is sacred, but it’s all in good fun and out of the utmost respect to the original posters that had such an impact on my life.

These vivid and infectious images are yours to enjoy and ingest. If you find yourself hungry for more, then be rest assured that more are on the way! Aside from individual posters and prints, the idea is to have them eventually collected into a sweet coffee-table art book. There are also plans to have a traveling gallery show of the original art.

To see this new project and all that is undead, check out right now!
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New Video: HOW TO DRAW AND PAINT THE CLONE WARS! [Mar. 30th, 2010|06:11 pm]
Matt Busch
The latest episode- this time illustrating a montage poster promoting the animated television show, The Clone Wars. Here, I don the fedora one last time for the final chapter of the Indiana Jones parody, a STAR WARS crossover three years in the making!

Only 2 more episodes left to complete your training! Stay tuned!

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Matt Busch
Back by popular demand! The Kohl's exclusive Boba Fett T-Shirt, illustrated by Matt Busch is available Online once again! Hit their official site right now to nab this killer T for the SALE PRICE of only $9.99!

You can get one while they last HERE:
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How To Draw SKETCH CARDS! [Feb. 9th, 2010|09:10 am]
Matt Busch
Artist Matt Busch takes you behind-the-scenes at STAR WARS WEEKENDS at Disney World in Orlando, Florida! Here, Matt gives some great tips for quick sketching- a skill very useful in creating:

SKETCH CARDS! This episode focuses on the custom collectibles that have taken fandom by storm, and how you can create your own sketch cards!

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Busch is Artist Guest of Honor at ConFusion! [Jan. 18th, 2010|01:40 pm]
Matt Busch
This weekend is the annual ConFusion show held at the Troy Marriotte in SouthEastern Michigan. Confusion is an eclectic science fiction convention that begins Friday night with unique parties and programming and goes straight through Sunday afternoon.

This year Matt Busch is the artist Guest of Honor, and will be present to join the festivities! In addition to having art and prints on display and for sale, Busch will participate in several panels to discuss anything and everything! Find more information here:
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Matt's latest interview at SKETCH CARD ART BLOG! [Jan. 17th, 2010|10:43 am]
Matt Busch
Matt Busch has a new interview at Jessica Hickman's fantastic Sketch Card Art Blog, which explores the art and business of sketch cards, both from pro and aspiring artists, to the consumer and collectors that have made this new industry explode in the last in recent years.

Having been involved with sketch cards since their inception in the late 90's, Matt gives all kinds of insight and advice to those looking to break in to this new fruitful phenomenon! Check out the interview here:
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HOW TO DRAW ANIME & MANGA! [Jan. 15th, 2010|11:36 am]
Matt Busch
STAR WARS artist Matt Busch takes you right into the heart of Tokyo, Japan, on a journey through the anime and manga underworlds! You'll learn to draw Padme Amidala anime style from several different angles.

You'll also meet some interesting folks in Japan, find out what they love about STAR WARS, visit the Sith Hotel, get tips on speaking Japanese, and see two Obi-Wans in drag duke it out!

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MATT BUSCH HEADS THE TK PROJECT! [Jan. 11th, 2010|10:46 pm]
Matt Busch
From the International 501st Legion of Strormtroopers and the Make-A-Wish Foundation comes The TK Project: A collection custom crated and painted TK Stormtrooper helmets from around the world. You can bet that Matt Busch is involved- in fact, he created the brochure cover logo you see here! Find out more at:

For Busch's contribution to the collection of custom TK Helmets, his take was a no-brainer. "I was 4 years old when Star Wars first hit theaters, but prior to that, I was a huge fan of the classic Universal Monsters, with The Creature from the Black Lagoon being my favorite." Comments Busch, "So when I first saw Star Wars, of course it was like nothing anyone had ever seen, but for some reason, even at 4, I saw a visual connection between the Stormtrooper helmet and The Creature." The TK Project finally gave Busch the chance to merge the two icons with an uncanny result.

The process Busch used in putting it together involved some preproduction work. "After priming the actual TK helmet, I then used black acrylic gesso over the entire helmet, as I knew I'd be working with acrylics." says Busch. He then sprayed on a can of stone texture which he would paint over, but that still wasn't enough. Busch elaborates, "While the basic shape of the TK Helmet was enough to resemble The Creature, I knew some added fins, ribbed brow, and emphasis on the fishy lips would help." Using Liquitex Modeling Paste, Busch added those appendages to create the overall shape he desired.

"Painting The Creature was a bit of a challenge, as most of the reference available are black and white movie stills, or other artistic representations from the movie posters or licensed products. The only problem is, the colored details are never the same. In some cases, The Creature's lips are red, sometimes green, and sometimes a fishy yellow ochre." Busch made compromises and decisions along the way to try and make an amalgam of all known reference, using an opaque acrylic technique, working from dark to light. The last step was to try and make the helmet look permanently wet, as if The Creature had just risen from the watery surface. Comments Busch, "That was the easiest. I just poured a can of acrylic gloss medium over the entire helmet and let it drip."

Now it's very clear to see the connection Busch made as a child. You may never look at a TK Helmet the same way! See more at:
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The new Print Collection! [Dec. 15th, 2009|11:40 am]
Matt Busch
Introducing the
a limited edition Print Portfolio!

Now you can own 20 of Busch's greatest works, all for one low price! You can dish them out to all your friends on your Christmas list, or keep them all for yourself and build your own private Matt Busch Gallery!

Girls, zombies, guys with scissors for hands... Many of your favorite Hollywood, pop culture and underground rarities are in the set, including a free Night of the Living Dead print, Conjure movie poster signed by the actors, and a Konxari print by Paul Michael Kane! Each print is approximately 13" X 19" and is suitable for framing.

Order now and you'll get Shipping and Handling for FREE! (U.S. only.) All you have to do is send $99.95 (no extra costs or taxes!) PayPal to Be sure to include your mailing address. You'll get all 20 prints mailed to your house for less than a hundred bucks- that's less than $5 a print!

The first 10 orders will also get a free copy of Busch's latest art book, The Worlds of Matt Busch! So order now!

*This offer is a one-time deal and will not be available anywhere else. **Note: Free Shipping and Handling is only for U.S. orders. International orders must add $20 for Priority Shipping and Handling.
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